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Resident wellness is a priority at Highland. We believe that the best way to deliver high quality and equitable care to patients is to take care of our residents and to promote self care. Our APDs, core faculty members, and chief residents are available with open doors for support and mentorship through the stresses of residency. Here are several ways we nurture resident wellness:

Access to an on-site psychologist: All residents and faculty have free access to an on-site psychologist who is also a trained professional coach.

Weekend hikes and activities: Hikes and activities are led on Saturday mornings several times every year to provide a bonding experience outside of work. 

Monthly "Wellness Check In" with all residents: Each month at our Internal Medicine Program Meeting (IMPM) all residents are asked to participate in a brief, anonymous wellness survey so the program can monitor wellness and residents can self-assess their degree of burnout and identify need for further support.

Fun noon conference and parties: The chief residents hold occasional lunches outside (weather permitting) for a mid-week breather. There are also other times to socialize during the week day with holiday parties, hallway parties, and after-hour gatherings. Chief residents also walk through the hospital on 'candy rounds' in the afternoons several times a week to check in with residents.

Mindfulness skills workshop: Mindfulness and burnout education is an important part of the first intern week orientation. A discussion panel with attendings to discuss burnout is also held every year to normalize the feelings and stress that can lead to burnout. We also host regular debriefing sessions, using the Red Cross Incident Debriefing format, for peer support around challenging scenarios in medicine, such as medical errors or unexpected patient outcomes.

Work hour monitoring: The program strongly supports adherence to ACGME work hour requirements and aims for full compliance with work hour logging. In an effort to support residents in their work hour goals, chief residents, PD, and APDs regularly check in with residents to identify barriers and seek to implement structural changes in an effort to meet ACGME-defined work hour goals. 

​Additional Resources

Employee Assistance Program (Provider MHN). Available to all employees and members of their household. Includes three face-to-face or telephone counseling sessions. 

10% Happier app is recommended by our psychologist. Free complimentary subscription can be redeemed here with the code: Healthcare. 

Alameda-Contra Costa County Medical Association Physician Resource Page. You can access ACCMA's mental health consultants by logging in here

Alameda County Behavioral Health has free and confidential support line (510) 420-3222. 

California Medical Association has coaching sessions for healthcare workers. This program can be scheduled here and available at no cost for up to thirty days. 

Physician Support Line has psychiatrists available to all U.S physicians. No appointment is needed for free and confidential help every day from 5 AM - 10 PM. Call (888)409-0141 to access this support. 

Feeling Good Foundation offers 8 hours of free CBT psychotherapy with experienced CBT therapists. Click here to connect with a therapist using the code: Covid19

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7/365. Please text HOME to 741741 or call (800) 273-8255. 

Lifeline Chat has live counselors available 24/7 and can be accessed by clicking here

Disaster Distress Helpline is open 24/7/365. Just text TalkWithUs at 66746 to connect with a trained crisis counselor or call (800) 985-5990. 

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