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For second year medical students

We host second year medical students from the UC Berkeley-UC San Francisco Joint Medical Program for an immersive interdisciplinary experience called “Highland Week” where a group of second year students has a opportunity to shadow an inpatient medicine ward team as well as other key members of the patient care team including nurses, physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists, social workers and care managers, respiratory therapists and others.

For third year medical students

We host third year medical students from St. George University and California Northstate University for their core medicine clerkships.

Medicine clerkship is an inpatient-based clerkship experience.

We host UC San Francisco third year medical students for a Neurology Clerkship.

For fourth year medical students

We offer a number of medicine rotations to fourth year students from a broad array of US-accredited medical schools. Rotations include:

•Internal Medicine inpatient sub-internship

•Neurology sub-internship (requires applicant letter of intent)




•Critical Care / ICU

•Infectious Disease



Internal Medicine Rotations

Interested in rotating at AHS | Highland?

Interested in rotating at AHS Highland Hospital? 


Email Mylene D'Cunha 


Questions about rotations or prerequisites? 


Email Dr. Hena Borneo

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