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Highland Review

Highland Review

On the Final Friday of each month, the Department of Medicine holds an interactive EBM conference series with two components:

  1. Resident/Faculty Grand Rounds Journal Club

  2. Updates in Medicine

  3. Other Curriculum

The Resident/Faculty Journal Club pairs interested residents with faculty mentors to explore a practice-changing article of interest, providing:

  1. An inter-disciplinary discussion forum for practice changes

  2. Structured teaching and continuing education on research methodologies and critical appraisal, and

  3. An idea generator for new scholarly, QI and advocacy projects.

As a Grand Rounds, this counts as a scholarly project for residents, and CME is offered for all faculty. Physicians across the Alameda Health System from our 3 hospitals and community clinics participate, and inter-professional invites are sent as appropriate to pharmacists, other specialties, laboratory personnel, and ancillary staff to build relationships and enrich discussion.


Our annual Halloween-themed Update in Medicine covering and debunking Myths & Legends such as…

Updates in Medicine are faculty-led and high-yield overviews of practice-changing research in internal medicine and provide a fast-paced, interactive forum for keeping up to date with the torrent of medical literature. In addition to annual or biennial overviews, we periodically do themed Updates such as Myths & Legends (taking on questions such as do we really need to keep the K above 4 on all hospitalized patients) or Medication Retirement Parties (where we discuss meds that have been proven to not work, or whose harms generally exceed their benefit).

Other Curriculum

We provide dedicated sessions during academic half day and noon conferences for training on how to read and interpret medical literature. We also have a 4 part series on the fundamentals of clinical reasoning. These fundamental skills are then applied and further developed through morning conferences, resident report and in subspecialty elective rotations.

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